Sunday, October 9, 2011

It has been a long time

Since i posted last has been more than a few days 
every day i promised myself " ok today i am gonna do it"
but time went by
i have had tons and tons of emails pouring in  and in a way fortunately and in another way unfortunately  stuff that i was asked not to post since they were very private
but the nice part is that i was able to help peoples get stuff they needed to off their chest and when asked i tried to give fair and carefully thought out advice!
There were many who had stuff they wanted to get off their chest before Yom kippur thinking there was something wrong with them etc
i would like to make clear  a very important point!
even if you think of the region part there still is nothing wrong even though some might say you should try to get them out of your head but  everyone will agree u did not do anything wrong or bad by having those thoughts come into your head
I want to continue being a ear to people's stories and experiences as well as thoughts and desires  as well as try to  advise when asked to the best of my knowledge as well as be here for those who need a place to escape once in a while!
i don't think there is one answer to every one's issues  or rather to every one's thoughts  but if we try our best i am sure we can achieve allot!
please continue emailing me at
looking forward to hearing from you all
also i will try to get my focus cleared on a issue at a time if i can and will try to post that way
thanks and sorry for the delay

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