Sunday, October 2, 2011

A touch upon a few subjects

First i would like to start by saying i am sorry
i am sorry i haven't lived up to my own and other peoples expectations regarding this blog
it just has been taking much longer than expected to get into subjects
also all the emails and thoughts have to be sorted out i am hoping to get much more done one of these days but it has been very hectic and i cannot really make any money through this blog so i need to work for a living too and that can take time lol
I do tend to bring allot more ideas and get much deeper into the subjects that i have already mentioned as well as i am contemplating touching upon other controversial subjects that i have been asked about and i would love your thoughts on these  or if anyone has a opinion if i should even get into them!
Like i have had emails of frum people saying that being so Frum got them into lots of stuff like animal sex and incest and alike
i know it sounds very bad to some but i was thinking that after all this is a place everyone should feel they can unload off their shoulders and feel understood and  not judged
Your thoughts on the above please

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